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Small Town Life: Kisses for Kycie

One of the funny things about growing up in a small town is how interconnected you are, even with people barely within your social circle. For instance, my little town in rural Utah has a population of about 2,000 people. There were just over ninety kids in my graduating class, roughly 450 in the entire high school, and that’s pulling from my actual town and the five or six other towns surrounding it. If I didn’t know everyone there, I was still pretty close.

I never interacted much with Jamie Terry (or Jamie King, as I knew her then). She was a year older than me, and far more popular than nerdy little me ever even dreamed of dreaming of. I think I had one or two classes with her my entire high school career, including choir. She was a cheerleader; I was a band geek. Suffice it to say, we ran in very different circles. (more…)