Thoughts on the New Year

The arrival of 2013—while certainly disappointing to the disillusioned believers in the apocalyptic Mayan “prophecy”—has started me thinking about my personal goals, both those I set for myself last year and those I am considering for the upcoming year. And while I may not have hit every benchmark I was hoping to in the last twelve months, I feel that the future is looking brighter, or at least more attainable. (more…)


Kickstarting tremulus

I’ve blogged before about my enjoyment of tabletop role-playing games. Hopefully, it’s not a shock to many of you that I happen to be that nerdy. 🙂 In my almost-never-ending quest to find the One and True Role-Playing System for Every Genre, I’ve seen a lot of rules systems. And while I’m currently having a lot of fun learning the detailed nuances of the Savage Worlds core rules and Super Powers Companion, I keep my eyes open for supplemental material that I can use in my games. My search led me to Reality Blurs, Sean Preston’s purveyor of fine RPG settings. With supernatural spy action in Agents of Oblivion, mind-bending Mythos mysteries in Realms of Cthulhu, and steampunk and shadow adventures in RunePunk, they’ve become my favorite third-party publisher for Savage Worlds material.


Sticking With It

Here’s something you may not know about me: I really enjoy playing tabletop role-playing games. (Oh, don’t act so surprised about it. You’ve all known how strange I am for a long time. 🙂 ) I suppose I should say that I really enjoy running tabletop role-playing games—since that’s what I’ve mostly been doing in the hobby for the past couple years—but I still consider the narrator/storyteller/gamemaster to be playing the game, so it’s pretty much the same thing. But as I’ve been looking at my RPG hobby habits, I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend, one that I’ve also seen reflected into my other hobbies and even my non-recreational endeavors.

I have a hard time staying with things.