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While I’m working my way through the endgame of Mass Effect 3, it appears that much of my thought is focused on my writing. This doesn’t really come as a shock to me since as a story junkie, I’m often inspired to think of my own stories while experiencing someone else’s. (The Great Backlog War of 2012 continues, though, and I’m making significant progress on this particular front.) As I was putting the finishing touches on Monday’s post, I started thinking about the status of the outline for my steampunk murder mystery story, and that made me consider the writing tools I’m currently using. I know there are a lot of great options for novel-writing software, but I thought that I’d take a minute or ten and walk you all through the software I use. Hopefully, it will also help me evaluate how well these programs fulfill my needs as a writer, and maybe even generate some comments from you all that will help me find something even better.