Goals: September & October

I knew when I posted my gaming goals for last month that the impending Rise of Iron launch might distract me from some of my other gaming activities. However, I hadn’t counted on getting sucked in by the weekly Trials of Osiris or the monthly Iron Banner PvP events that resumed once the expansion dropped. That, combined with Six starting her new job in medical transcribing, meant that I didn’t accomplish quite as much as I would have liked to.

But they say that goals don’t matter if you’re not accountable for them, so here’s the rundown of how I did.


Also, a dragon. 🙂



Gaming Goals (With some screenshots)

Originally, I’d written up a huge post detailing everything I wanted to get done in September, both for gaming and for life in general.

Then it sat in my drafts folder for several weeks …

Oh, look! A distracting dragon!


Sometimes I forget just how pretty this game can be.


Thoughts on the New Year

The arrival of 2013—while certainly disappointing to the disillusioned believers in the apocalyptic Mayan “prophecy”—has started me thinking about my personal goals, both those I set for myself last year and those I am considering for the upcoming year. And while I may not have hit every benchmark I was hoping to in the last twelve months, I feel that the future is looking brighter, or at least more attainable. (more…)

Sticking With It

Here’s something you may not know about me: I really enjoy playing tabletop role-playing games. (Oh, don’t act so surprised about it. You’ve all known how strange I am for a long time. 🙂 ) I suppose I should say that I really enjoy running tabletop role-playing games—since that’s what I’ve mostly been doing in the hobby for the past couple years—but I still consider the narrator/storyteller/gamemaster to be playing the game, so it’s pretty much the same thing. But as I’ve been looking at my RPG hobby habits, I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend, one that I’ve also seen reflected into my other hobbies and even my non-recreational endeavors.

I have a hard time staying with things.


My New Project

Well, welcome to my new blog. I seem to have fallen into a bit of a creative slump over the last year, and I’m hoping that this will help me break out of it. Mostly by forcing myself to write something semi-regularly and putting it up where people can read and discuss it. (Who knew that a nerd like me would end up needing so much social interaction?)

Let me explain the point behind this site. A few years ago, I started up a little game review blog that eventually went nowhere. (You can look at the dessicated corpse here, if you like.) And one of the issues I ran into was that it felt a little too constrained for me. I have a lot to say (apparently), and some of it doesn’t necessarily fit in well with reviews and news about all the facets of modern-day gaming. I also fancy myself something of a fiction writer, and that kind of thing definitely doesn’t belong on a gaming blog. Locke’d Life is here to serve as my general purpose canvas, to let me write what I want to write and put it all up in one convenient(ly ignorable) place on the internet. I’m hoping that what I post will have some value and be relevant to at least a small portion of the world’s population, but at the very least, the act of writing it will be of value to me.

So why “Locke’d Vs.”? I find the title catchy, and also, “Locke” has become kind of an internet pseudonym for me. There have been many theories as to why I frequently use Locke to identify myself online (philosopher John Locke, fictional ideologue Locke from Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, that crazy bald guy from Lost), but I’m proud to say that it’s because of a video game and a great group of friends on an online message board.

You see, Final Fantasy VI (known in the US as Final Fantasy III) was the very first video game I ever purchased with my own money, and it was also the very first role-playing game I had ever played through. (I had fits and starts with the Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy IV (II, in the States), but never really got into them.) In the opening chapter of the game, a gallant and swashbuckling thief is introduced, a character that I instantly identified with for his chivalrous nature. Can you guess his name?

Locke Cole became something of a video game idol to me, and I still hold a very special place in my heart for good-natured and honorable rogues everywhere. And when the internet became the Next Big Thing, I carried my special regard for Mr. Cole online with me, taking lockecole_13 as my very first Hotmail address. The years progressed, and I soon found myself at BYU, interacting with members of Quark, the campus’s science fiction and fantasy club. The club runs a messageboard for its members, and still hanging on to my fascination with Mr. Cole, I took “Locke” as my username. Over the five-plus years I’ve been a member of Quark, Locke has stopped being just my handle and has become part of my actual identity. In fact, most of the Quarkies I talk to off-line call me Locke instead of my actual first name. It just seems to fit now.

TLDR: Welcome to Locke Vs. Hope you enjoy your stay. 🙂