diablo 3

Goals: September & October

I knew when I posted my gaming goals for last month that the impending Rise of Iron launch might distract me from some of my other gaming activities. However, I hadn’t counted on getting sucked in by the weekly Trials of Osiris or the monthly Iron Banner PvP events that resumed once the expansion dropped. That, combined with Six starting her new job in medical transcribing, meant that I didn’t accomplish quite as much as I would have liked to.

But they say that goals don’t matter if you’re not accountable for them, so here’s the rundown of how I did.


Also, a dragon. 🙂



Gaming Goals (With some screenshots)

Originally, I’d written up a huge post detailing everything I wanted to get done in September, both for gaming and for life in general.

Then it sat in my drafts folder for several weeks …

Oh, look! A distracting dragon!


Sometimes I forget just how pretty this game can be.


The Great Backlog War of 2012 – First Report

In my last post, I mentioned that I had officially declared war on my backlog, and last night (early this morning, really), I had my first victory. Diablo (3) now lies conquered at my feet. While the final stretch was a harrowing battle—one which woke me from an impromptu 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. nap and kept me up until nearly 4 a.m.—I feel that I am stronger for it. (Sleepier, too, but that’s a different matter entirely.)

Overall, I felt that Diablo 3 was a well put together game, as hack-n-slash action RPGs go. The combat was fairly solid, the visuals were engaging, and the voice acting was very well done. There are a lot of changes made in this interation of the series, and at first, I was planning on railing on the new mechanics. But as I thought more about some of the nitpicky complaints I had with the game, I realized that most of them were coming up because this game isn’t Diablo 2. And while that’s not a bad thing, the realization that my judgment had been colored by my experience with a previous title helped me reevaluate how I wanted to comment on what I saw in the new game.