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I'm a secretary by day, freelance editor and gamer dad by night. My wife, Six, and I have been married for over a decade, and we have five kids: Bookworm, Bones, Gau, Princess, and Bean.

Trying Something New

Actually blogging!

For some reason, this past year—ever since our youngest was born, if I’m totally honest—it’s been a struggle to do anything, especially keeping up with writing posts on a blog that I know very few people read. (Not a plea for sympathy, but I suppose it is an attempted explanation for apathy. 🙂 )

I’ve never been much of a goal-setter, and the last twelve to fourteen months have made even simple things seem much more daunting than they really ought to have been. Chalk it up to poor sleep and diet habits, the constant hum of low-level chaos that surrounds a home full of small children, or possible chronic caffeine overdose, but doing anything that required more effort than sitting at my desk staring at my screen just seemed like too much work. Hence the lack of anything new here on the blog.

But things have been looking up lately—Don’t self-diagnose and self-medicate, kids. It ain’t worth it.—and starting today, I’d like to turn things around. 🙂

For the time being, the schedule for Locke Vs. will just be “More posts!”, but hopefully things will get a little more specific down the road. (“Baby steps, start posting on the blog.”) I’ve redesigned the site a little bit, and I’ve decided that I want to put a little more emphasis on my primary gaming interests, namely Destiny 2 and Final Fantasy XIV. Each month, I’m going to try to get at least one “Ghost Stories” post (Destiny 2) and one “Rushin’ Roulette” post (Final Fantasy XIV) up on the blog. And with the advent of “Curse of Osiris” and my hopeful ascension to my free company’s static raiding team, I should have plenty of content to write about.

And there will be some other bits and bobs tossed into the pot from time to time, as well. I’m dipping my feet back into roleplaying by GMing a couple of play-by-post games, and there should hopefully be some exciting news on the editing and writing front sometime within the next couple months.

So, fingers crossed.



Open Legend RPG Kickstarter

It’s been several years since I last backed a project on Kickstarter. Since my initial spurt of enthusiasm for Fate Core (which I still consider an elegant little piece of RPG machinery, though a little too much toolbox for my currently low levels of creativity), I’ve basically ignored the crowdfunding site, maybe peeking in once in a while when one of my friends pledged to a project that caught my eye.

But a couple weeks ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw a mention of the “Open Legend RPG,” possibly from Geek and Sundry‘s account, and started digging into the rule set. Initially, I was less than intrigued. It seemed like just another d20 mod with grid-based miniature combat and a long laundry list of abilities and spells and feats and whatnot.

Yesterday, I stumbled across another post referencing the Kickstarter campaign for a print edition of the game and a new multi-genre setting for it, so I dove back into the rules to give them another shot.

And let me say, there are more things in Open Legend RPG, Horatio, than were dreamt of in my philosophy. 😀 (more…)

Extended Scrivener trial for NaNo 2016

Just a quick note to boost this particular signal:

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, to those who like to abbrev things 😉 ) kicks off on November 1, and to help people along with the month-long marathon writing event, Literature & Latte is offering an extended trial of their novel-writing software, Scrivener. You’ll need to download a special version of the trial software—NOT the one on the regular download page—but once you have it installed, you can use it all the way up until December 7th, rather than just the 30-day trial non-NaNos get. (Click the image below to get to the special trial page.)

If you “win” NaNo (hitting the 50,000 word mark on your project), you’ll also get a discount code for 50% off a Scrivener license, though anyone can save 20% by using the discount code on the page linked below.

I know most of you who are interested in NaNo probably already have Scrivener, but this would also make a great gift for the aspiring writers in your life. 😉

Also, I’m not making money on this. Purely a PSA. 😀


Goals: September & October

I knew when I posted my gaming goals for last month that the impending Rise of Iron launch might distract me from some of my other gaming activities. However, I hadn’t counted on getting sucked in by the weekly Trials of Osiris or the monthly Iron Banner PvP events that resumed once the expansion dropped. That, combined with Six starting her new job in medical transcribing, meant that I didn’t accomplish quite as much as I would have liked to.

But they say that goals don’t matter if you’re not accountable for them, so here’s the rundown of how I did.


Also, a dragon. 🙂


Iron Rising

Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion dropped last week, and while I’m not quite raid ready, I have been having fun with the new content. The PvE missions are enjoyable, if a bit short, and I’m still working on snagging that Gjallahorn and Thorn. (Apparently, the questlines start with a random drop, so it may just be a matter of logging more time in-game, if I can tear myself away from WoW. Which, sadly, may not be that difficult. I’m nearing level 110 on my druid, Nahaltin, and quickly running out of story. Given that I had to drop 5k on my max riding speed last night, it’s probably safe to say that I won’t be earning enough gold to buy a WoW token for another month of game time before my current sub runs out.) (more…)

Small Town Life: Kisses for Kycie

One of the funny things about growing up in a small town is how interconnected you are, even with people barely within your social circle. For instance, my little town in rural Utah has a population of about 2,000 people. There were just over ninety kids in my graduating class, roughly 450 in the entire high school, and that’s pulling from my actual town and the five or six other towns surrounding it. If I didn’t know everyone there, I was still pretty close.

I never interacted much with Jamie Terry (or Jamie King, as I knew her then). She was a year older than me, and far more popular than nerdy little me ever even dreamed of dreaming of. I think I had one or two classes with her my entire high school career, including choir. She was a cheerleader; I was a band geek. Suffice it to say, we ran in very different circles. (more…)

Gaming Goals (With some screenshots)

Originally, I’d written up a huge post detailing everything I wanted to get done in September, both for gaming and for life in general.

Then it sat in my drafts folder for several weeks …

Oh, look! A distracting dragon!


Sometimes I forget just how pretty this game can be.


Destiny Pics, As Promised

Sorry that my ugly mug is distracting from the awesome shirt and hat.

Nothing like a $777,747.78 discount, huh?

On School, Gaming, and Life in General

Ever notice how the days drag on, but the months fly by? That’s been my life since my last post, back in mid-June. I won’t bore you with all of the gritty details (as “gritty” as things get in Happy Valley, Utah), but here’s a quick rundown on what I’ve been doing over the past few months, when I should have been blogging all along. 🙂


On Weekend Tragedies

I know that feelings are still very raw regarding Sunday’s terror attack in Orlando, so I’ll attempt to keep this post brief and to tread lightly while I do so.

First, there are no words to express my sadness at the loss of life in that Florida nightclub. This was a massacre, a bloodbath, and there are likely thousands of people—if not more—who are personally dealing with the aftershocks of what happened over the weekend. There is no excuse, no reasoning that should make this all go away.

Second, by all accounts, this appears to be more than just an LGBT-targeted hate crime. The terrorist who slaughtered those club-goers reportedly pledged allegiance to Da’esh in a 911 phone call, and it appears that a coordinated attack was also planned for the West Hollywood gay pride parade, though that one was thankfully thwarted by police.

Third, please don’t use this unspeakable tragedy to push your agenda. Any agenda. Whether you’re pro- or anti-gun, let the dead rest and the families of the dead mourn. Resist the urge to be a Monday Morning Quarterback. Don’t repeat misinformation about how “fully automatic” “assault rifles” are freely available in the U.S. Don’t try to convince people that a Concealed Carry Hero could have saved the day.

Forty-nine people lost their lives because a radical Islamist took it upon himself to murder innocents in the name of whatever twisted belief system he held.

Can we please let this horrific event pull us together instead of letting Da’esh and its blood-soaked goons tear us apart?