Goals: September & October

I knew when I posted my gaming goals for last month that the impending Rise of Iron launch might distract me from some of my other gaming activities. However, I hadn’t counted on getting sucked in by the weekly Trials of Osiris or the monthly Iron Banner PvP events that resumed once the expansion dropped. That, combined with Six starting her new job in medical transcribing, meant that I didn’t accomplish quite as much as I would have liked to.

But they say that goals don’t matter if you’re not accountable for them, so here’s the rundown of how I did.


Also, a dragon. 🙂


My subscription term was set to expire shortly after the Rise of Iron launch, and since I had some extra Battle.net currency stocked, I tried an experiment in paying for my WoW subscription through in-game gold, via Blizz’s WoW token system. After about a week, I had already cleared much of the endgame story content and was losing steam, so I ended up resubbing to FFXIV. Long story short, I didn’t manage my time efficiently enough to make much progress on my goals.

  • Summoner Anima Weapon – nope
    • I have made some progress here, but not as much as I would like to. Even completing all of my daily beast tribe quests means that I’m only getting two “Unidentifiable” items every other day, more if I happen to rank up my Vath reputation (since I’m already maxed out with the Vanu Vanu). Long queue times for the dungeons I need has also slowed things down, and I’ve been resorting to Palace of the Dead runs to level up some alt classes and inch my way closer to my glowy aetherpool weapon. (I’m at roughly 26/28 now, so it hopefully shouldn’t be too much longer.) I still have 12 “Unidentifiable” items to buy, plus some of the GC items to grind seals for.
    • October Goal: Obtain at least all of the “Unidentifiable” items, and get the remaining GC items, if possible.
  • Class/Job Leveling – yep
    • Not only did I push Paladin to level 57, I also got Bard up to 35 and Leatherworker up to 43 (from 41). Running the daily beast tribe quests really helped with Paladin and Leatherworker, and it only took finishing off the last four sections of my Palace of the Dead save on Bard to gain the last couple of levels before the next job quest.
    • October GoalLevel Paladin to 58. As much as the beast tribe dailies help with leveling, the tomestone and raid drop changes have me itching to earn the new Scripture gear for Summoner, maybe Scholar, too. I’m not going to make either of those an actual goal, though, since my gaming time has been somewhat curtailed by school and Six’s new job.
  • Binding Coil – nope
    • I still need to get a group together to finish off Binding Coil, which I would like to do before playing through the new 3.4 content. In the end, though, I may have to settle for watching the extra dialogue on YouTube.
    • October Goal: Beat Turn 13 of Binding Coil, intervening instances not required. Since I cleared Turn 9 with an FC group, I only have to finish the “run around and talk to people” part of the quest to unlock the final coil.


I’ve been having a fairly good time in Destiny after the expansion was released. The campaign additions were a little shorter than I would have liked, but I am enjoying the new game mode and the new maps. I still get salty when I suck it up in the Crucible, but I think I’ve slowly been improving. (The improvements would be a lot more noticeable if I didn’t feel so drawn toward the modes where your Light level matters. 😥 That 20- to 30-level discrepancy has really been hurting my game.)

  • Thorn and Gjallahorn – Kinda.gif
    • When I set this goal last month, I hadn’t expected the Thorn quest to be RNG-gated. Unfortunately, the start of the quest is a random drop that seems to mostly show up when you turn in completed bounties. With Iron Banner taking up a good portion of my time in-game, I haven’t been doing too many bounties. I did get my Gjallhorn, though, as well as the remastered Khvostov. So, we’re calling this one a draw.
    • October Goal: Complete the expansion questlines on my Titan and my Hunter, and get all three to 365 Light. This might be a little harder to do, but if I’m running strikes consistently, I should be getting some pretty decent gear.
  • Artifacts – yep
    • Even though the Memory of Felwinter wasn’t available until the second week of the expansion, I was able to pick it up, along with the Memory of Jolder (the artifact that removes your sprint cooldown). The Felwinter artifact actually had a really good roll on it, and it’s been an interesting change to run double melee/double grenade instead of having a super to rely on/totally whiff.
    • October Goal: Continue getting my weekly artifact, and hopefully have at least half of them obtained by next month.

Diablo 3

I made some good progress on Diablo 3, but with the aforementioned difficulties and distractions, I hit a pretty big wall.

  • Season 7 – Kinda.gif
    • There’s still a little time left in the season, so I might be able to pull this one off, but I wasn’t expecting the difficulty spike between tiers 4 and 5 of the season goals. I’ll have to do some serious grinding to be strong enough to complete them, and with everything else going on, I’m not sure I’ll have the time.
    • October Goal: Complete as many of the tier 5 objectives as I can. As much as I would love to actually complete all of the season 7 goals, I’m just not sure it’s realistic to expect myself to do so.

So that’s my month of gaming in review. I’m going to try and stay a little more current on the blog here, maybe even upload some in-character RP or journals from FFXIV or Destiny. I’ve been trying to work on my writing a little more, since that’s kind of the educational/career path I’m hoping to take in the future, and that kind of stuff is good practice.

Until next time.


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