Month: October 2016

Open Legend RPG Kickstarter

It’s been several years since I last backed a project on Kickstarter. Since my initial spurt of enthusiasm for Fate Core (which I still consider an elegant little piece of RPG machinery, though a little too much toolbox for my currently low levels of creativity), I’ve basically ignored the crowdfunding site, maybe peeking in once in a while when one of my friends pledged to a project that caught my eye.

But a couple weeks ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw a mention of the “Open Legend RPG,” possibly from Geek and Sundry‘s account, and started digging into the rule set. Initially, I was less than intrigued. It seemed like just another d20 mod with grid-based miniature combat and a long laundry list of abilities and spells and feats and whatnot.

Yesterday, I stumbled across another post referencing the Kickstarter campaign for a print edition of the game and a new multi-genre setting for it, so I dove back into the rules to give them another shot.

And let me say, there are more things in Open Legend RPG, Horatio, than were dreamt of in my philosophy. 😀 (more…)


Extended Scrivener trial for NaNo 2016

Just a quick note to boost this particular signal:

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, to those who like to abbrev things 😉 ) kicks off on November 1, and to help people along with the month-long marathon writing event, Literature & Latte is offering an extended trial of their novel-writing software, Scrivener. You’ll need to download a special version of the trial software—NOT the one on the regular download page—but once you have it installed, you can use it all the way up until December 7th, rather than just the 30-day trial non-NaNos get. (Click the image below to get to the special trial page.)

If you “win” NaNo (hitting the 50,000 word mark on your project), you’ll also get a discount code for 50% off a Scrivener license, though anyone can save 20% by using the discount code on the page linked below.

I know most of you who are interested in NaNo probably already have Scrivener, but this would also make a great gift for the aspiring writers in your life. 😉

Also, I’m not making money on this. Purely a PSA. 😀


Goals: September & October

I knew when I posted my gaming goals for last month that the impending Rise of Iron launch might distract me from some of my other gaming activities. However, I hadn’t counted on getting sucked in by the weekly Trials of Osiris or the monthly Iron Banner PvP events that resumed once the expansion dropped. That, combined with Six starting her new job in medical transcribing, meant that I didn’t accomplish quite as much as I would have liked to.

But they say that goals don’t matter if you’re not accountable for them, so here’s the rundown of how I did.


Also, a dragon. 🙂