Iron Rising

Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion dropped last week, and while I’m not quite raid ready, I have been having fun with the new content. The PvE missions are enjoyable, if a bit short, and I’m still working on snagging that Gjallahorn and Thorn. (Apparently, the questlines start with a random drop, so it may just be a matter of logging more time in-game, if I can tear myself away from WoW. Which, sadly, may not be that difficult. I’m nearing level 110 on my druid, Nahaltin, and quickly running out of story. Given that I had to drop 5k on my max riding speed last night, it’s probably safe to say that I won’t be earning enough gold to buy a WoW token for another month of game time before my current sub runs out.)

The PvP side of things has been great, too. Supremacy is a slight twist on the Kill Confirmed game type, and let’s just say that a lot of people are using very close-range weapons.

Shotguns everywhere.jpg


With the launch of the expansion, however, they’ve also brought back the larger, vehicle-based maps in the Combined Arms game mode. And it’s great. While the smaller maps are custom-tuned for the sort of frenetic, high-twitch, CoD-esque gameplay that esports prefers, these larger maps feel more like Battlefield than CoD.

And that’s not a bad thing, I promise! 🙂 One of my biggest gripes with the Battlefield series is how cussing huge the maps are. If you’re unlucky enough that your whole squad wipes and all of the vehicles at your spawn point are gone, you’re in for a good long sprint back to the action. Not so on Destiny’s combined arms map. The announcer tells you when new vehicles spawn in, and you can always just grab your own sparrow to zip across the map on.

Plus, you can run people over with them. 🙂 video link.PNG


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