Gaming Goals (With some screenshots)

Originally, I’d written up a huge post detailing everything I wanted to get done in September, both for gaming and for life in general.

Then it sat in my drafts folder for several weeks …

Oh, look! A distracting dragon!


Sometimes I forget just how pretty this game can be.


Final Fantasy XIV

It’s been an interesting MMO back-and-forth since WoW’s Legion expansion dropped last month. I hadn’t played for several months—possibly as long as a year—but I decided to take a chance on Legion and see whether Blizzard had improved over Warlords of Draenor.

I haven’t been disappointed, but it has exploited my gaming ADD and split my loyalties somewhat. I’ve tried making pro/con lists to determine which MMO to continue with, but it basically comes down to quality of life issues. I love that FFXIV lets you experience every bit of content on a single character, and that transfer and makeover fees are reasonable. (Moving your entire gaming experience to a new server only costs $18 in FFXIV, unlike the $200 or $300 you could spend on shuffling WoW characters around, not even counting faction change fees.) On the other hand, WoW’s combat is more fast-paced and fluid, and the new content is absolutely fantastic. On the other other hand, I have a much more solid group of friends playing FFXIV.


First world problems, neh?

Even with as much time as I’ve spent in WoW, though, I don’t really have much to report on. I’ve only completed two of the expansion storylines so far, gathered both of my demon hunter artifact weapons, and run a couple of xpac dungeons. Since the only real goal I can have in WoW is “Finish the Legion content!”, there’s quite a bit I can work toward in FFXIV.

  • Summoner Anima Weapon: At first, I thought I could knock out the requirements for my hyperconductive anima by the end of the month, but now that I’ve burned through all of my stocked Vanu Vanu currency, I’m down to getting one or two “Unidentifiable” items every other day. Plus, I’m stuck at about halfway through the dungeon grind for the first step. I’m still hoping to make some progress on this by the end of the month, but we’ll have to see how it goes.
  • Class/Job Leveling: Since I have to do a bunch of daily quests to get my “Unidentifiable” items anyway, it just made sense to me to run that content on one of my non-60 classes, and it seems to be paying off, albeit slowly. When I first started playing FFXIV, I really enjoyed tanking as a Paladin. Once the fights and dungeons started getting more complicated mechanics, though, I decided to go another direction. (Read: I ran away, screaming, with my tail tucked firmly between my legs.) As of right now, I’m sitting at level 56 on Paladin, and I’m hoping to edge that up closer to 57 by running dailies.
  • Binding Coil: Because I didn’t seriously get into FFXIV until right around the Heavensward drop, I missed a lot of the 2.x content, including the Binding Coils raids. My FC has recently been gathering groups for unsynced clears of the raid, but due to family constraints (Soccer season. Oy.), I haven’t been available for a lot of them. I did get in on a T9 clear this past weekend, though, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to finish off the rest of it before the 3.4 content is too old. (There’s apparently some extra dialogue in the 3.4 MSQ if you’ve completed Coils.)

I didn’t get to run as much of Coils as I would have liked, but I did snag some pretty cool screenshots.


Decided to run it as a Black Mage, and unintentionally struck an anime pose with Evangelista.


This is a much better shot, even with Bean’s photobombing egi. (Almost seems like Bean’s jealous that she doesn’t look as cool as we do. 😉 )




The new Destiny expansion is going live tomorrow, and while I haven’t spent a great deal of time on the game lately, I am very excited for the new story missions, the revamped artifact system, and the return of both Gjallahorn and Thorn, both as questlines rather than sacrifice-your-firstborn-to-the-RNG drops. There’s also been a neat little ARG going on with players becoming infected with various nanite plagues—whose XP and repuation gain buffs don’t seem all that plaguey for us Guardians—that surround our noggins in a nanite nimbus. From the ARG text, it doesn’t seem like they’re supposed to be good things, though, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens between now and tomorrow morning when the expansion content goes live.

  • Thorn and Gjallahorn: Before the end of the month, I really want to have both my Thorn and my Gjallahorn, even though, as exotics, I won’t be able to equip them both at the same time. Most of the time, Destiny weapon quests are pretty cool, and I loved my time with Year 1 Thorn. I don’t know if you can really describe a gun as “silky,” but that’s the only word that seems to fit.
  • Artifacts: With the incoming artifact changes with RoI, I’m excited to see what the PvP meta will be like. I think I’ll be chasing the Felwinter artifact first, since it gives you double melee charges and double grenades while taking away your super. I want to see whether the Overflow perk on the warlock exotic scout rifle, Tlaloc, will still work without having a super bar. (Overflow gives the weapon better handling, fire rate, and stability when your super is charged, without decreasing the damage. With Overflow active, I was 3-shotting people in my Crucible matches last night.)

Diablo 3

Until a couple weeks ago, I hadn’t touched Diablo 3 for several months. I fired it up when I first got my gaming PC just to test framerates and image quality, but haven’t done much with it since then. After burning out on Final Fantasy and not feeling like getting my face melted in Destiny, I decided to load up D3 on a whim. The new season just started about a month ago, and after realizing that I’d never played a season hero, I suddenly had the bug.

I’ve been grinding through as much as I can when my kids are asleep or not in the room—you never realize just how much demon blood is gushing on-screen until your six-year-old mentions it—and I’m nearly finished with the third season goal. I think I only have a nephalem rift to complete and four more jewelcrafting recipes to learn.

  • Season 7: Complete all five season goals.

I had a few other, more general goals written up, but I’ll probably save them for a post early next month. Y’know, so I actually have time to work on them. 🙂

And now, a sleepy baby hedgehog.

Sleepy Baby Hedgehog.gif



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