On School, Gaming, and Life in General

Ever notice how the days drag on, but the months fly by? That’s been my life since my last post, back in mid-June. I won’t bore you with all of the gritty details (as “gritty” as things get in Happy Valley, Utah), but here’s a quick rundown on what I’ve been doing over the past few months, when I should have been blogging all along. 🙂


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve started seriously working toward getting a masters degree in English. Just after my last post, I started the penultimate* prerequisite course I needed to apply to the program I hope to enter, and it was relatively tough. The coursework and writing assignments themselves weren’t overly difficult, but the accelerated timetable of a single-term class ramped up the pressure rather significantly. Think of it this way: Running through Sastasha (Hard) in FFXIV isn’t too bad. Taxing, but not too intimidating. (You can substitute another gaming challenge if you like: Vault of Glass in Destiny, a Greater Rift in Diablo III, etc.)

But what if you only had ten (or five) minutes to do it?

That’s how my class went. 🙂 Nearly a paper a week, of ever-increasing length.

Thankfully, I was able to keep my head above water—for the most part—and came out pretty well. Even wrecked a couple of curves along the way.

I just started my final prerequisite course a couple weeks ago, and while it’s a little different than what I’m used to—a 400- level class vs. all the 200-level classes I’ve been taking for the past couple years—it should be an interesting ride. So far, it’s felt more like a philosophy class than a literary one. In just two weeks, we’ve already covered, Plato, Aristotle, and Nietzsche.


Most of my gaming time recently has been split between Destiny (on PS4) and Final Fantasy XIV, with a bit of WoW thrown in once Legion launched. Nothing else has seemed all that interesting, for some reason.


Destiny Profile.jpg

Bro, do you even Grimoire?

I had actually taken a break from Destiny for a while, after some horrendous matchmaking and connection issues in the Crucible (PVP portion of the game). But then they announced the Year 2 “Moments of Triumph.” For some reason, obtaining these mini-achievements pulled me back into the game, and I’m glad that they did. The April Update fixed—or at least ameliorated*—many of the problems I’d quit over, and while I still get lag-sniped through hard cover from time to time, I’ve at least found a good group to play with. (LDS Gamers shout-out! :D)

Also got a sweet shirt and hat! (Pics incoming Soon™.)

I still have a ways to go before I hit the current Light level cap of 335, and since the Rise of Iron expansion releases in just six days, I doubt I will before Bungie boosts the cap again. But it’s been a fun little diversion when I don’t have the time or energy to dive face-first into FFXIV.

Final Fantasy XIV

This game has taken up the majority of my time over the past several months, and understandably, I’ve gained the most ground on it. Before my blogging break, only Thaumaturge (Black Mage) was at level 60, and I didn’t have much of the endgame gear for that class. Since that time, I’ve cleared all of the main storyline quests—even patch 3.3’s Final Steps of Faith—and unlocked all of the dungeons, raids, and trials. A few weeks ago, I finally brought another class up to level 60: Arcanist (Summoner/Scholar).


Yes, I probably will end up leveling Fisher last. Why do you ask?

Summoner shares a lot of gear with Black Mage, so my item level isn’t too far behind for that job. Unfortunately, since Scholar is a healing job, it doesn’t share that gear synergy, so I’m woefully undergeared for a lot of the endgame content. Trying to heal through The Vault instance was painful, and we wiped multiple times because I couldn’t keep up with the number of enemies the tank would pull. Thankfully, he slowed his pace a little, and we made it through the final boss without a single death. My palms are still sweating from the experience, though. 🙂

I’m currently working through the long list of dungeons for my Summoner anima weapon questline, so I’ll be busy with that for the next little while. I already have most of the upgrade items for the next step, so I’ll move on to farming aether oils from Crystal Tower pretty quickly. Not even mad about that, though, since I love Crystal Tower. 🙂 I’ll have to see if Reya needs a CT buddy.

Oh, one other thing: Thanks to a generous (and hefty) loan from an FC-mate, I now have a house!


You can kind of see the fireworks for The Rising between buildings.


Main floor. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that I could shorten walls by clipping them through the outer ones.


The basement. It’s a little … bare right now.

It’s not much to look at yet, since my crafting classes are still relatively low-level, but it’s slowly coming into its own. And as an added bonus, I get to owe gil to Myladae for the rest of my gaming life! 😉

Life in General

Ever since little Bean was born back in April, home life has been a relative whirlwind. Gau’s potty-training regressed to the point where he had multiple accidents every day (slowly fixing that), Princess turned two (and it shows), and both Bookworm and Bones had baseball games multiple nights each week. And Bean continues to grow like a terrifyingly cute little weed.

Smiling Bean.jpg

Baby smiles are seriously the best.

It also didn’t help that Six has been busy finishing up her medical transcription/editing schoolwork. She’s been a trooper on that, though, putting in multiple hours every day/night while taking care of all five little zerglings through the summer. But she just got her final results back, and with school back in session for the oldest two, things should slow down a little bit.

Or so I thought until soccer season hit …

What's the matter, Sokka.gif

(*Since I’m all fancified and studying English, I get to use big words unironically. 😉 )


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