On Weekend Tragedies

I know that feelings are still very raw regarding Sunday’s terror attack in Orlando, so I’ll attempt to keep this post brief and to tread lightly while I do so.

First, there are no words to express my sadness at the loss of life in that Florida nightclub. This was a massacre, a bloodbath, and there are likely thousands of people—if not more—who are personally dealing with the aftershocks of what happened over the weekend. There is no excuse, no reasoning that should make this all go away.

Second, by all accounts, this appears to be more than just an LGBT-targeted hate crime. The terrorist who slaughtered those club-goers reportedly pledged allegiance to Da’esh in a 911 phone call, and it appears that a coordinated attack was also planned for the West Hollywood gay pride parade, though that one was thankfully thwarted by police.

Third, please don’t use this unspeakable tragedy to push your agenda. Any agenda. Whether you’re pro- or anti-gun, let the dead rest and the families of the dead mourn. Resist the urge to be a Monday Morning Quarterback. Don’t repeat misinformation about how “fully automatic” “assault rifles” are freely available in the U.S. Don’t try to convince people that a Concealed Carry Hero could have saved the day.

Forty-nine people lost their lives because a radical Islamist took it upon himself to murder innocents in the name of whatever twisted belief system he held.

Can we please let this horrific event pull us together instead of letting Da’esh and its blood-soaked goons tear us apart?


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