On Weekend Breaks, and Enjoying Life

Suffice it to say, it’s been a long couple of weeks. Granted, that is mostly my fault. I’ve been staying up far too late playing Overwatch and Final Fantasy XIV, and while it’s tempting to blame Blizzard or Square-Enix for my sleep deprivation, it’s a bit like a chocoholic blaming the Swiss for making them fat. 🙂

So in lieu of my long, rambling posts, here’s some music to get your weekend started off right.

The Sound of Silence (Covered by Disturbed)

I admit that both Disturbed and Simon & Garfunkel are an acquired taste, but you can’t argue the power of this cover.

The Humbling River (by Puscifer)

Again, not a style everyone will appreciate, but there’s also the re-cut Transformers trailers to go along with it. I get this song stuck in my head quite frequently.

Bushes of Love (by Bad Lip Reading)

And this one is just for fun. Also, it’s an earworm that I don’t mind passing around. 🙂

Have a good weekend, everyone! I’m hoping to start streaming some gameplay or have some new videos on the YouTube channel next week, but I’ll keep you update.



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