Month: March 2016

On Altoholism, and My First Odin Kill!

Hello. My name is Locke.

Locke Waymarch 02/02/2016 23:22:07

“Hello, Locke.”

And I’m an altoholic.

It doesn’t matter what MMO I play, I eventually get tired/bored/frustrated with the character I started off the game with. I’ll start out loving the story and mechanics, but fifteen or twenty levels in, the honeymoon’s generally over and my eye starts wandering. I’ve rolled and rerolled more World of Warcraft Characters than I can count, and the same is true for Guild Wars 2.

But in Final Fantasy XIV, you don’t have to have a separate character for each class. (Race and sex, yes, but not class.) You equip a different main weapon, and boom! You’re an Arcanist! You’re a Marauder! You’re a Ninja! A Paladin! A Black Mage! And believe me, I’ve taken full advantage of it. (more…)