Month: March 2013

Dresden Heroic Roleplaying – Part 2

In part one of my Dresden Heroic Roleplaying hack, I covered the different pieces that make up a character: MO, Distinctions, Abilities, and Specialties. Today, we’re going to dive a little deeper into the mechanics of the game, namely how to build a dice pool and the ways your character takes damage.



Dresden Heroic Roleplaying – Part 1

I’ve recently started gearing up for a Dresden Files RPG game that I want to run in the next couple of months, and while I will probably end up using the rules designed and published by Evil Hat Productions, I still had some fun working up a quick hack for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying using the setting. I’ll be doling it out here in bits and pieces, and I invite any constructive feedback you have to offer. This is my first real, thorough work on a Cortex Plus hack, so I’m bound to make some very obvious mistakes. Feel free to let me know if you catch one. 🙂